Establishing and maintaining strategic relationships with external providers

Outsourcing appears to be increasing in prevalence internationally in Health and Physical Education (HPE), particularly in the primary school space. Through this practice, individuals from government agencies, sporting associations, private companies, and not-for-profit organisations are provided entrance into the learning area.

“Outsourcing is a practice that involves establishing and maintaining some form of strategic and bilateral relationship with an external entity with the intention for that entity to either extend, substitute, or replace internal capabilities”

(Sperka 2020, p.275)

The following guiding questions have been developed to establish how to select external entities and develop and maintain strategic relationships with them.

Deciding to Outsource

  1. What HPE-related topic would students like to learn more about?
  2. Does the school have the internal capabilities to cover that particular topic?
  3. Have the students indicated they would benefit from hearing from someone outside the school?

Selecting external providers

  1. Do you have the capacity to modify the products or services so that they align with your students learning needs and interests?
  2. Do their products and services align with the curriculum?
  3. What is the duration of the products and services?
  4. What are the objectives and expectations of the outsourced learning experiences?
  5. How do these align with the objectives of your unit?

Distributing roles and responsibilities

  1. Who will be responsible for:
    1. Teaching or delivering the content?
    2. Making the curricular links?
    3. Behaviour management?
    4. Assessing the students?
  2. If there is an extended period of outsourced HPE, when will you have ‘check-ins’ to see whether the objectives and expectations are being worked towards and/or achieved?

Monitoring and evaluating outsourced learning experiences

  1. Was the division of labour of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment appropriate?
  2. Were the objectives and expectations achieved?
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